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Combating blight

Mary supports the efforts of West Newton Borough Council on issues concerning blighted properties in West Newton. Moving forward information will be brought to council about approving a blight study, which will produce a map and a comprehensive plan to work with the county on redevelopment of blighted structures in our borough. 

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Accountability of elected officials

When a citizen assumes the role of a public official, they must remember to work for the public they serve. They must be accountable to the public and perform their duties with due diligence and focus on constituents, not the politics of the party to which they belong.

Support for working families

A livable wage is needed for working families to thrive, as tax dollars are not meant to subsidize paychecks. Employees must be able to maintain their right to organize and form a union if they desire, without the fear of retaliation.

Education is essential

Adequate funding for schools is absolutely critical. Although each community should pay their fair share, trying to reduce the educational deficit through increases in property taxes is not feasible or sustainable.

Strengthening and revitalize our communities

By attracting good, living-wage jobs and business to our area we can help end blight and keep our communities strong and vital.

Supporting Police, Fire, EMS, and Emergency Management Agencies

Our state and local governments need to provide financial support to police, fire, emergency medical services and emergency management agencies, because this is what the public expects and deserves

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