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Combating blight

Mary attended a workshop on combating blight several years ago and brought back valuable information concerning important steps council should take to help identify blighted property owners.  The council made a resolution and adopted the Community Champions Program. 

  • This information provided council with valuable resources identifying LLC;s, or owners that are in absentia. 
  • This partnership provides a means to notify the owners and attach a fine to be paid directly to the borough, with stipulations of proper upkeep of properties will they are sold.  This also includes properties owned by banks.

Mayor Popovich commends Councilwoman Maleski on her work with the Code Enforcement Officer in addressing high grass, ordinance violations, weeds or junk on properties.  A program was put in place by Borough Council to notify, fine and if necessary seek resolution by the local magistrate. The ordinances have been posted on to provide access to the taxpayers of West Newton Borough. Additionally, the West Newton Borough Council recently adopted a "Quality of Life Ordinance," which provides additional guidelines for those living in the borough. 

She is an advocate to support proactive actions that promote the health, welfare and safety of West Newton residents.  We have included a link for 1945: Act 135 about the rules regarding Blighted Property and Redevelopment Authorities:  http://www.legis.https//


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