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Latest updates from the campaign:

We are in the process of developing this website to be able to reach out to volunteers for help with Mary's  campaign, or citizens in West Newton Borough for questions or concerns. The rules of engagement shall be civility, integrity and respect for each others opinions. 

If you need an application for an absentee ballot or a form for Vote By Mail, or to register to vote, please click on this link for all the information you need, including dates and deadlines for the voting process.  Remember voting is a privilege and your right as a US citizen.

Rides to the Polls:  If you need a ride to the poll, please email us at: or phone: 724.633.7334.  We will add you to the list and document the time you would like to help out.  Please reserve this service for elderly or disabled citizens, or those without a means or inability to drive.  We have limited resources.  


Tuesday, October 12, 2021 3:09 PM

Looking for Volunteers to help with Door Knocking Event this Sunday!

If you are interested in helping to knock doors and do a lit drop, please come to 205 East Main Street in West Newton at 1:00 PM this Sunday, Oct. 17th, 2021.  We have the walk list and some literature to get out to the voters before the election.  You may also sign up on the volunteer list or call 724.972.3779.  Thank you in advance. 

Friends of Mary Popovich

Sunday, August 8, 2021 12:03 PM

Mayor Mary Popovich seeks Re-election

I am running for Mayor of West Newton for another 4 year term.  I embrace family and Christian values, and support quality learning for children and fairness for all.   I have served for twelve years and respectfully request your vote to continue to serve the needs of residents in this community.  If you need an absentee ballot or need help registering for a Mail In Ballot, please call me.  724.633.7354.

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